Meal hours. Breakfast, 7-8 am. Lunch, 1-2pm. Dinner, 7-8. Food is only available during these periods, so please to arrive on time. I f you would like a bag lunch, you can request one at breakfast from the cook or the resident biologists. Please don’t skip a meal without telling us ahead of time.

Drinking water. We recommend do not drink water from the taps. There are purified bottles in all buildings.

Room assignment. You will be assigned a room upon your arrival. Availability of single or double rooms depends on station occupancy (priority is given to long-term residents). Please do not change your room without prior arrangement with the station staff. Please do not go into any building with muddy boots.

Smoking. Please do not smoke inside any of the buildings.

Bedding and towels. A complete set for each bed is in each room. When checking our, please leave your linen and towel in the dorm.


Assumption of risk: A visit to El Eden involves exposure to various risks, including snakebite and slippery trails. Please read this information carefully, and follow the guidelines:

Orienting yourself: Please always take care when you walk on trails. Most of them have orange or pink flagging showing you are in the right trail. Don’t go off the trails or take a compass if going off the trails.

Insects and poisonous plants: Avoid sitting down, leaning against or putting your hand on anything without first checking the species of tree or the presence of ants, bees or wasps. If your are hypersensitive to hymenoptera or poisonous plants, always carry a sting kit or antihistamines with you.

Snakes: Poisonous snakes area relatively abundant and may appear anywhere. Please take these precautions: (1) Always wear boots when off the trails; (2) Look ahead where you’re walking, don’t put your feet where you haven’t previously looked; (3) don’t walk anywhere in the dark without having searched the ground with a flashlight; (4) keep your distance from any snake you see.

Trails with holes: There are several microcenotes in the paths or trails or near them. Please walk carefully on them, specially in the flooded time.

After dark: Please never walk anywhere in the dark, without using a good flashlight to see where you’re stepping. Carefully time your daytime walks so as to return before nightfall.