Comparación de Indices y Modelos de Diversidad para Abundancias y Biomasa Arborea en un Acahual de la Reserva Ecológica "El Edén", Quintana Roo, México

José María Ramos Prado

Universidad de las Américas, Puebla
Depto. de Química y Biología
Sta. Catarina Martir
Cholula Pue. 72820 México
tel: (22) 29-24-10
fax: (22) 29-20-66


Angélica María Hernández Ramírez

Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
Río Conchos 5915
Col. san Miguel
Puebla Pue. 72570 México
tel: (22) 292410
fax: (22) 45-2969

Diversity is related with complexity, disturbance, regeneration and succession of an ecosystem. We compare some diversity indexes and models using abundance and biomass data, evaluating the sensitivity of these indexes and models on some community attributes and characteristics of the sampling procedures. A ten to twelve year secondary forest in the ecological reserve El Edén, Quintana Roo, Mexico, was sampled during August, 1995. From 12 quadrates within 4 transects we carried out a destructive sampling obtaining species abundance and biomass data. With several indexes and models the abundance data gave the highest values in relation with the biomass data. Nevertheless, only Shanon's (H'), Equitability (E'), and the LogFisher Model showed statistically high significant differences, being the more sensitive. We recommend to use not only indexes but also models to both abundance and biomass data, and to develop sampling procedures and strategies through a system of permanent plots to monitor biodiversity.

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